Digital Teaching OVGU

What do we mean by digital skills?

The slogan Digitization of studying and teaching is a catch-all for fundamental transformation processes that go beyond purely technological possibilities. Alongside didactic knowledge transfer concepts and skills development, it also refers to new forms of organizational cooperation that enable us to open up new teaching and learning spaces and access new target groups.

What objectives are we pursuing through digital teaching and learning?

The University of Magdeburg sees digitization as an opportunity to react to the changing demands of students and teachers and to address the diversity of both groups of stakeholders in its teaching.

What steps are we taking at the university to effectively integrate e-learning into our daily routines?

Among other things, an eLearning Working Group has been launched to provide greater support for the transformation to digital learning and teaching at OVGU. The working group is a network of e-Learning-oriented teachers and other interested employees at the university. The working group meets regularly and is a forum for interdisciplinary exchange between colleagues as well as for the development of skills in the field of digital teaching and learning. The working group supports the dissemination of tried and tested solutions and networking between the faculties and central support units.

Based on theoretical, didactic and conceptual approaches, you will find solutions, forms and methods for various requirements and questions.

Here you will find an overview of tools, tutorials and handouts for practical questions as well as subject-specific organizational and technical advice.

When recording courses, various data protection requirements must be observed.

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