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Tutorial video on using the lecture theatre technology

15.10.2021 -

The following video tutorial explains in more detail how to use the lecture theatre technology to conduct digital courses.

FHW website "Teaching digital" online

Aktuell gibt es durch die Pandemie um COVID-19 und den damit verbundenen Einschränkungen vermehrt Fragen zur Lehre mit digitalen Medien. Einen aktuellen Überblick gibt die Webseite der FHW.

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Note on the Mediasite upload

Attention: Please use the MP4 format for uploading videos.

File formats such as *.gif, *.pptx, *.zip, *.pdf and *.mkv are not processed by the Mediasite. These file formats only cause the server to block. Users who repeatedly attempt to upload these formats will have their upload rights revoked.

 Recommended formats can be found here.

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Zoom registration

Staff and students of the university have the possibility to use the campus licence of zoom.

Since 15 April 2020, you can log in directly to zoom with your personal OVGU account.
The "Sign in" button takes you to the "OVGU Central Login Service" (SSO - Single Sign-On).

Functional accounts may not be used.

It is still possible:

  •     If you already have a basic account at Zoom with your OVGU mail address, join the university account. You will be prompted to do so when you log in to Zoom. Within 24h your basic account will be converted into a licensed account.
  •     Please note: Zoom accounts with your private mail address cannot be added to the university account.

You can find information about Zoom here.

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How to LSF

10.11.2020 -

LSF workshop for students in the English study programs.

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Teaching in Times of Crisis - Teachers and Students Report

24.09.2020 -

Anfang März 2020 konnte kaum jemand das kommende Ausmaß und die Folgen der Corona-Pandemie absehen. Die Ergebnisse aus zwei Umfragen unter den Lehrenden und Studierenden der OVGU zum digitalen Sommersemester 2020 geben Einblick in die Erfahrungen.

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